Sunday, April 30, 2017

my muscular wife part 2

As in first part of story i told you how the truth that my wife wants to be muscular reveled to me and i gave her permission to do so as i want to be dominating by strong women. so she joins a local gym , she is very excited as her dreams of year is fulfilled, she start working very hard .she start spending many hours in gym , her instructor mini malhotra is very cooperative with her , she is a well toned muscular lady , i have seen her many time before riding bullet however then i don't know that she is gym instructor neither i dream her to be muscular women i recalls a incident few days back to elaborate you further, it was the day when we go to enroll her in the gym , i suppose to be wait outside as only females can enter inside as it is only for females gym. when i was waiting outside guard receives a call and ask me to go inside, i was surprise why i was called? i go inside the office and saw my wife was sitting with her to be coach mini malhotra , oh my god what a great physique she have , i bet no Bollywood star can match her, she was in sports bra and shorts looking very awesome, i realize that before that day whenever i glimpse of her, she was wearing cloths in such a manner that i cant judge i reaches in the office she stands and shakes hand with me , i feel strength of her hand. i sited next to my wife but before i can ask something. mini start speaking, you know males are not suppose to enter in my gym and you are among few lucky ones to enter, you know why? i shook my head saying no. she said there are more than 200 women in my gym but no one is to grow muscles , they only comes here to reduce fat and to stay fit . there are many ladies in my gym who has potential to grow good muscles but they refuses to do so as they have fear of their husbands . i too have to leave my family to attain my dreams as my brother and father didn't allow me to do bodybuilding , i am still unmarried as i know there are rare man who accept stronger wife but you set a benchmark , salutes you the form is already filled by my wife and fees are also paid . mini provide a guide books about eating habits and clothes to wear for gym ( it includes sports bra and shorts) when we moving outside my lovely wife asks for a favor from mini mam my husband always dream to be lifted by women could you please fulfill his dream mini smiles and came near to me and oh god within friction of secs i was in cradle of mini she says is it ok i replied : yes , thank you mam she smiles and said soon your wife will be strong enough to lift you to be continue

Friday, April 28, 2017


IN Indian society , it is hard to see any muscular lady however it is wrong to say that Indian women are weaker , no they are not weaker however they hesitate to show their power specially on their life partners. this is about me and my muscular wife , my wife's inner urge was always to be a bodybuilder but her family perspective doesn't allow to do that but she was very regular in jogging , cycling and other normal exercises which make her body very fit and fine even though at age of 40 . although we are happily married since last 20 years but i never know her fantasy. on the other i too was attracted towards muscular women but i never let know any about this fantasy of mine . one day when i was clearing browsing data on my PC i saw that somebody visited muscular women, female bodybuilder pages regularly , as i know both our children studying aboard so only me and my wife left and i never use my home PC for this purpose so my mind turns towards my wife , is she is the one who is seeing all the stuff. after that day i start keeping close eye on browsing history and find that she use to do it on daily basis after a week i decided to talk on the issue , as it benefits both of us.her dream of bodybuilding fulfills while my being tamed by strong women . in the night , at bed i straight forwardly ask her darling you want to be muscular girl . she replied without hesitation yes but how you know? i told her about whole matter she said actually she dont want to be a bodybuilder but she loves to have muscular body , she wants to be a strong women , a muscular toned lady to whom any men avoid to mess and she also dream to overpower me. its now my turn , i say honey i too love muscular female but it is hard to find in our country so i satisfying my urges by seeing on internet but if want to go ahead you can? i would love to be overpower by you we hugged each other in love and passionate method